Dear Friends,

As the new President of the World Inline Figure Skating Association, I would like to present to you my vision for this wonderful sport.

Closely related to its well-known cousin Figure Skating on Ice, we offer a real alternative with great potential for development and one great advantage: we don’t need ice! We simply need an area with a flat surface of concrete or wood, etc. … and we are ready to skate!

Inline roller figure skating enjoys the use of edges and lobes, choreography with graceful lines and noise free gliding. Ideal for off-ice practice for synchronized skating teams, skaters may also enjoy a waltz dance, or perfectly executed jumps, spins and anything else their abilities, creativity and imaginations will allow.

My first priority is to increase the number of inline figure skaters worldwide and to welcome new countries and skaters as members of WIFSA.

My second goal is to develop and organize competitions for all skating levels. Participation will be open to every WIFSA inline figure skater, regardless of skill level.

My third goal is to uphold the ethical standard of sportsmanship between all competitors and the highest ethical standard with respect to WIFSA officials, coaches and the regulations of our sport. I will dedicate myself to promoting and ensuring the mutual respect among all officials, as well as respect for each and every member’s role within our association.

My mission will be to provide WIFSA members transparency in every area of our sport. WIFSA will be accessible to every member of the association, through dialogue, open communication and up to date information which will soon be made available to every WIFSA member on our website.

Please join me in building the future of Inline Figure Skating.

Welcome !

Fernand Fédronic
WIFSA President

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